Guitar Tabs

I offer these guitar arrangement tabs for free, but a donation is always appreciated. It's a lot of work! Your contribution will be used to keep this project alive, and to fund web hosting, file storage, and releases of upcoming albums. Thank you for your support!


Final Fantasy VII OST Tabs

Here are guitar tabs taken straight from my project of covering the entire Final Fantasy VII OST. These arrangements aim to be as true as possible to the original, but are intended to be played on multiple instruments. This works well for those who want to learn the different parts and do some overdubs and multitrack recording, or those who play with others. It's also fun to find a tab and play along while you stream one of my songs or watch a video! New tabs will be added as new videos premiere.

Other Tabs

These tabs are written with the intent of a live performance, mostly for solo classical guitar. Here you'll (eventually) find music from Final Fantasy VI, FFVII, FFVII Remake, FFVIII, and FFXV, as well as Kingdom Hearts 2 and Chrono Trigger (and more in the future). These are the tabs from my YouTube video playlist dubbed "Out in the Wild," where I bring my guitar to a picturesque outdoor site and record on-location. I'll also include any tabs and sheet music that I've written for collaborations here. New tabs will be added as new videos premiere.